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Over 85 Years of Trusted Experience

*Please note that delivery items must be pre-paid before pick-up/delivery.

Richmond Taxi – More Than a Taxi Service

Jump Starts

Richmond Taxi provides a jump start service when required by motorists who need roadside assistance. Please be aware that not all auto or battery problems can be solved by a jump start and that a $25 service call fee will be charged.

Pick-up and Delivery - Courier Service

Want to get that package delivered immediately? In addition to transporting people, Richmond Taxi will also pick up your package and get it safely and directly to the recipient. Our delivery service saves you the time and work of travelling just to deliver a single package. When we deliver, we deliver direct and non-stop – there will be no delays for transfer through a central hub or to another vehicle. We charge either a minimum rate of $20 or what is on the meter, whichever is greater. We deliver a wide range of items including:







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