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Over 85 Years of Trusted Experience

Book a Taxi Van to Vancouver Airport or the Ferry Terminals


Vancouver Airport Taxi Services

You don’t have to look far or wait long for a Richmond Taxi! We always have cars at Vancouver International Airport and in the Richmond area. Please advise the Taxi Controller at the airport if you need a Vancouver airport taxi and we'll be there.

Going to the airport? We will take you from your door directly to the entrance closest to your airline. No more rushing across the terminal with all your bags to make your flight on time! With Richmond Taxi, you get door to door service!


Ferry Services

Richmond and Vancouver International Airport are hubs to go to the Tsawwassen and Horseshoe Bay Ferry terminals. Richmond Taxi can get you to ferry terminals with no delay. Jump aboard the taxi and then jump aboard your ferry without wasting time trying to find a parking spot for your car.


Long Rides

Richmond Taxi is pleased to go the distance for our customers. Instead of cobbling together various forms of transportation to get to your destination, let us take you over the bridges and across the borders and even beyond our waters. Trust Richmond Taxi to get you to your destination in safety and comfort.

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Richmond Taxi can set up special tours for visitors to beautiful British Columbia. Our basic guided tour of the city and surrounding mountains and towns comes to you at no extra charge.

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